Spencer is out there.  Somewhere.  Still amazing others with his unusual actions and unexpected appearances.  Add to the legend of Spencer Cole by emailing us your Spencer sighting.  Help the legend grow!
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The Legend of Spencer Cole
Spreading Rock, Boogie & Blues Across Texas
Spencer Sightings
I heard that Spencer's music hits frequencies only sensed by reptiles, and that during one show, he charmed rattlesnakes right up onto the stage, which accounts for those boots he wears now.                                                                              --- anonymous
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Like a Texas tornado, the situation developed without warning.  After yet another blazing hot show pushing out ‘blues you can use,’ the band packed its instruments and headed out of the club.  As they approached the tour bus, band members suddenly were surrounded by paparazzi.  Preparing for trouble and fearing for its safety, the band pushed into the throngs.  Phil strengthened the band’s resolve and orchestrated their collective movement by hammering out a steady cadence on the cowbell.  Drowning in a sea of blinding flashes, the band called out for “More Cowbell” as they used their instrument cases like shields and surged through the crowd toward the bus.  

It was then that he appeared.  From out of nowhere, he joined with the band as they fought to safety.  He defended the band’s flank as Michael and Jeff raised keyboard cases for the final push.  As the doors closed and the merciless hordes beat on the side of the bus, Keith looked out just in time to catch a glimpse of the stranger’s name stitched on his shirt: Spencer Cole.   Taking their seats on the bus, the band realized that they never had the chance to thank the stranger. 

Though the instruments had survived the onslaught, the mood quickly changed when one fateful casualty surfaced.  The antennae ball which for so long had rested proudly on Mark’s wireless guitar rig had been destroyed by the groping hands of the paparazzi grabbing at the band’s equipment bags like hungry animals.  

Deeply shaken by the experience and saddened by the loss of the antennae ball, the band pledged from that day forward to honor the name of the man whose selfless acts of bravery had made every future performance possible.  As a result of that vow, that night, on that bus, with their eyes still blinded by flashes and the sound of the cowbell ringing endlessly in their ears, the Spencer Cole Band was born.   

Viva la cowbell!!

NEW SIGHTING!!  Spencer was recently seen in the World Aquarium swimming with the sharks!  I think he wants to be the new 'most exciting man in the world!'                                                 --- Ghost Diver